You do not wake up one day and decide you are starting a business. It begins with the idea of weighing the pros and cons and deciding why that business will benefit you. You may want to consider franchising for potential entrepreneurs as it comes with fewer risks, and you still get to be your own boss. However, you can also hire a franchise consultant to help you make the decision. Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether a franchise is the right fit.


Working in a New Industry Even Without the Necessary Experience

When you buy a franchise, you go through extensive training and support from the franchise brand. The training is to help you understand how that business model works. By simply owning a franchise, you learn a few industry secrets that otherwise you would have paid to get trained on.

Lower Risk

This is a secure investment backed up by a big and established corporation. Also, as they have a successful history, getting a franchise business loan is more accessible than an independent business. Banks are aware that investing in franchises is safer than in a new business, and they are likely to get returns.

Franchises Have Already Established a Loyal Customer Base

One challenge with starting a new business is finding customers. This is why most people opt for franchising because you bypass the technicalities of marketing or branding needed for a startup. Already loyal customers are aware of that brand, so they will not hesitate to try the new joint.

Be Your Own Boss

You get to be your own boss crafting a flexible schedule for yourself, yet you still enjoy support or advice anytime you need it.


High Initial Investment

Some franchises come with a hefty investment fee that may discourage most people. There are other franchise fees you have to pay for once you start running the business.

Limited Creativity

Franchises already have a brand they are selling, which in the end limits creativity for most entrepreneurs. Also, there are restrictions on the products you can sell, suppliers to use, and where to operate.

Sharing of Financial Information

Franchisors will require your financial information to audit royalty payments or assess the business models, which in return limits privacy on your business’ finances.

Before owning a franchise, assess the pros and cons, then decide if it is the right fit for you. Once you have researched and understood the ins and outs of a franchise, you need financing. You can reach out to New Horizon Capital Funding to help you actualize your dream of owning a franchise.