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How To Grow Your Business with a Line of Credit

When it comes to business growth, few financing options are as versatile as lines of credit. These credit lines can come from multiple sources, including your bank, suppliers, and third-party...... Read More

How Much Working Capital Do You Need?

Understanding how much capital to keep on hand and how much can be safely assigned to reserves or paid out as dividends can be a make-or-break moment for small business...... Read More

Financing Tips for Solar and Wind Projects

Finding energy financing for solar and wind projects can be challenging because most investors want to see successful past projects of the same size before risking their money on your...... Read More

Commercial Property Investment Tips

Investing in property is a great way to diversify your portfolio. These investments tend to be less volatile than the stock market, commodity, and money market investments, but they also...... Read More

A Basic Guide to SBA Disaster Loans

In today’s global economy, changes on the other side of the world can have a surprisingly significant impact on your business. Changes in demand, supply, materials, fuel, work personnel, and...... Read More

3 Useful Loan Options For a Small Business

A small business will come with regular, and sometimes unexpected, expenses. While almost all small businesses will have extensive startup costs, that is hardly the end of your need for...... Read More

A Great Option for Fix and Flip Financing

Unless you’re fabulously wealthy, you’re going to need financing help to tackle fix and flip projects. Maybe you’ve already mastered how to determine the right type of home to buy,...... Read More

A Guide to Working Capital and the Medical Industry

Running a business in the medical industry can often be one of the more challenging tasks a person can take on. This is largely due to the fact that this...... Read More

Helpful Tips for Buying Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a smart investment. It can be extremely lucrative if it is done properly. However, buying commercial real estate – especially the first time – can be...... Read More

How a Capital Account Works

Business owners have financial resources called capital. These resources fund their business and operations and ultimately help them make a profit. Capital is essential to business owners and can consist...... Read More