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Franchise Financing

Let Us Help You With Franchise Financing for Your Dream Business

A new franchise is a great opportunity and an exciting time. At New Horizon Capital Funding, we love partnering with franchisees and helping with everything that needs to take place prior to opening day. With our franchise financing options, you can enjoy a smooth process in getting started with your ideal brand.

Franchise Financing for the Biggest Needs

Some franchises mean having capital to purchase real estate or build a brand new location. Opening a franchise also means buying and installing equipment. We’re experienced helping franchisees with these costs. Here are some of the types of equipment we can help you with:

  • Payment systems
  • Restaurant prep surfaces and cooking equipment
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Repair equipment
  • Computer systems
  • Furniture
  • Proprietary equipment purchases
  • Service equipment

Whether your franchise is a restaurant, automotive shop, janitorial business, design and construction company, or retail store, we provide the capital needed to take care of everything. This includes commercial real estate financing and term loans for your brand’s fleet.

Working Capital for the Small Things

One thing we’ve noticed in our years of experience with franchises is that little things also seem to pop up during the preparation process. It’s common for franchisees to overlook certain essentials. That’s why it’s such a big help to work with financial professionals. We can include working capital financing to make sure you’re ready for anything in the first few months of business.

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