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Equipment Financing

Get Your Team Ready To Work With Equipment Leasing and Financing

Every business needs tools, machines and/or vehicles to operate successfully. However, investing in equipment can put a strain on your finances. Fortunately, New Horizon Capital Funding can help you to better manage the cost with equipment financing and leasing options. Using our programs, you can smooth out your cash flow while making sure your team has the equipment it needs.

Equipment Financing vs. Leasing

If you are considering acquiring equipment for your business, you will need to decide whether to take out a loan or a lease. The former is a great option if you are expecting to use the item for years to come. At New Horizon Capital Funding, we offer this option for backhoes, computers, software and more.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about equipment obsolescence, consider taking out a lease. It is a great way to enjoy the benefits of owning your equipment without the risks. There are also numerous tax and accounting benefits of leasing.

In either case, you will be able to preserve your cash and credit lines. Both can be very advantageous, depending on your circumstances. We provide fast turnaround times on applications and fund projects quickly. If you are making a smaller application, we don’t require financing statements.

Our Programs

We offer several special programs to help businesses in unique circumstances to provide more accessible financing:

  • Startups: If you have a new business, let us help you get your initial equipment. This option is for businesses that are less than two years old.
  • Poor Credit: We can help you even if you have been denied elsewhere. We work with customers with B-, C- and D-credit.
  • Sales & lease Back: Do you need capital now and own equipment? Sell it to us and we will lease it back to you.
  • Government & Municipal: We offer guaranteed approval to government entities. These include state and federal agencies, uniformed services, and public education.

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