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Commercial Real Estate Seattle, WA

Financing for Commercial Real Estate Projects: Seattle, WA

Seattle, the crown of the Pacific Northwest, is home to many commercial enterprises, serving regional, national, and international needs. This economic activity provides a continuing opportunity for commercial investors and businesspeople of all types. Here at New Horizon Capital Funding, we are in the business of helping you with your commercial financing needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up entrepreneur or have been in the commercial real estate business for decades. With our help, you can participate in the stream of business ventures being created today in the greater Seattle area.

Lending Programs at New Horizon Capital Funding

We are tuned into the difficulty that some may have in obtaining sufficient and timely funding for Seattle-based commercial real estate projects. Take a look at what we have to offer. And remember, any of these options will be a hand-in-glove fit for your particular business situation:

Small Business Association (SBA) 7a and 5904 Loans. We offer these loan types with up to $5 million of low-interest funding and terms up to 25 years. SBA loans can be used for a host of commercial purposes, including self-storage, owner-occupied, automotive, motels, and more.

Conventional Financing. New Horizon Capital Funding offers the full gamut of traditional loans for its Seattle-area clients. You can obtain up to $100 million in funds for owner-occupied and stabilized investment properties.

Construction Loans. Building something in Seattle? We can help you start and complete your large construction projects, with values ranging from tens of millions to over $1 billion.

FHA and HID Loans. For certain designated property types, HUD and HID loans may be the best financing solution. These may include tax credits, built-in construction breaks, and other benefits.

Equity and Mezzanine Funding. We offer these financing options for many larger-sized real estate deals. Financing can be up to $100 million for high net worth investments.

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security (CMBS) Conduit Loans. Secured by a first-position mortgage on a commercial property, we offer these loans with higher financing (up to $50 million) and longer terms (up to 30 years) compared to many other options.

Bridge Loans Can Be Helpful

For many Seattle-area commercial applications, bridge loans can be a highly versatile financing option. Out bridge loans come with the following exceptional benefits:

  • Loans are available up to $100 million
  • Loan-to value (LTV) amounts of up to 80%
  • Interest-alone amortization
  • Variable interest rated with caps

Stated Income Loans Can Help

Stated income loans are another possibility and we New Horizon Capital Funding know them well. When you work with us to obtain a stated-income loan you’ll be pleased with our speedy closings and courteous service. Here are a few of the other benefits that come with stated-income loans:

  • Minimal documentation required
  • Loan values up to %500,000
  • LTV up to 75%, depending upon the property type
  • Low fixed rates with lending terms up to a quarter-century

Reach Out To Us

If you are engaged in commercial business activity in the greater Seattle area, we’d like to be your one-stop-shop for all of your financing needs. Our financing is tailor-made for your particular needs and situation. Our knowledgeable staff awaits your call, We can get the process rolling today. Or, if you like, we can answer any additional queries that you may have.


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