Improving diversity and equality, overcoming biases, and increasing inclusion are key elements of a healthy society and important factors for successful businesses. Indeed, various studies have shown that businesses that are characterized by significant workplace diversity have improved decision-making, higher employee job performance, less turnover, higher revenues compared to competitors, and greater than average profits.

What is Workplace Diversity?

Workplace diversity is simply having employees that are different from one another. That includes the factors of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic background, political beliefs, cultural, and ethnic differences. It means having an organization whose employees have different skills, personal characteristics, life experiences, and perspectives. But it is far more than an “inventory” of these types. Rather, it is including and involving people with differences so that they really belong and are productively engaged in the overall culture.

How to Improve Your Organization by Promoting Workplace Diversity and Belonging

Workplace diversity and belonging start at the top with leaders who create the expectations of an organization that possesses and thrives with its healthy differences. If the team is aligned with this objective, diversity will succeed.

Workplace diversity requires hiring practices that have the goal of increasing diversity and inclusion. It means creating a culture where all employees feel safe and included. It is important to have a management team that connects with employees and that creates ways for employees to spend time with each other including support groups or networking for diverse employees. It is also important to give employees the means to provide feedback. Educate leaders and employees in diversity training and listen to their concerns. It can be useful to form an inclusion council. It is important to hold meetings where all views are sought out and welcomed.

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