The key to success is often to improve business productivity- but be careful that you don’t become burned-out. Instead of working harder, try to work smarter and increase what you get done in a day.

Increase productivity but prevent burn-out with these tips:

Track Time

You could be wasting time working on a task- and not realize it. Start tracking and setting limits on the time that you spend on certain activities and projects to get more done.

Take Breaks

Make sure to schedule breaks. This helps clear the head and also gives you something to work toward during the day. Get some fresh air and stretch a little; it helps!

Set Goals

Try to set goals and objectives for yourself throughout the workday. This can be motivating and serves as a bit of a challenge.

Implement the Two-Minute Rule

There is an entrepreneur that conceived of the ‘two-minute rule’; this rule asserts that when you encounter something that can be completed in two minutes, do it right away. This can have momentum and tie up a lot of smaller tasks and loose ends efficiently.

Skip Meetings

Meetings can eat up a lot of time throughout the workweek and often are unproductive. Try to limit, skip, or refrain from meetings when possible and, instead, aim for email, phone, or online communications to get everyone on the same page.

Limit Interruptions

Set boundaries to limit the interruptions and distractions that can get you off track. Consider setting designated office hours, sending calls to voice-mail, or closing your office door to curb these interruptions.

Assess the Environment

Take a look around: does your work environment foster productivity? Make sure your workspace is pleasant, comfortable, and free from visual clutter for optimal productivity during the day.

Use these tips to get more done during the day- and to increase overall team productivity. Got questions about your business’s fiscal health? Talk to the money experts at New Horizon Capital Funding today.