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4 Ways Financial Statements Guide Your Business to Success

The typical business owner looks at two numbers on the income statement: the top line and the bottom line. He wants to know if the company has reached its revenue goals and how much profit is left to distribute or... Read More

Commercial Real Estate Loan Mistakes to Avoid

A commercial real estate loan can help to provide your business with the funding it needs to meet your goals. The application process, however, can be a bit complex. Here are a few mistakes to avoid to help you ensure... Read More

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

When your business needs money, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most business owners, your first thought is likely a business loan. While loans have their place, they’re not right for every situation, nor are... Read More

3 Steps To Your Small Business Loan Approval

Choosing the right path to the capital your business needs is one of the most important factors in the success of your small company. The credit landscape is not built with the benefit of small business in mind generally, but... Read More

How Equipment Financing Can Benefit Your Business

From the day you open the doors of your company, it needs the proper equipment to function. Affording these items can be difficult without the help of equipment financing and these options can have more benefits than just stocking your... Read More

Credit Line Facts for Startups

If you’re looking for lines of credit that work with startups, you probably already know there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Before you spend a lot of time applying for financing that might not be a great fit,... Read More

Getting Loans for House Flipping

House flipping is one of the easiest ways to get into the real estate as investment industry because you can start with your current home and build your portfolio up for bigger and more frequent projects. Financing for fix and... Read More

Leasing vs. Financing Equipment: How To Make Your Choice

Equipment leasing can be an incredibly powerful tool when it’s used correctly, because there are a lot of advantages it brings to the table over traditional purchase financing. Those advantages aren’t needed in every situation, though, and there are almost... Read More

Pros and Cons of Hard Money Loans

Getting a traditional loan to finance a real estate investment purchase is a challenging process. Many banks are hesitant to provide funding for properties in poor condition. Hard money loans provide a solution. Rather than getting money from a traditional... Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Accounts Receivable Financing

Financing receivables can be your most potent cash flow management tool if you understand how it works and how to take advantage of its features to streamline the administration of your accounts. In fact, some businesses make it a matter... Read More