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Ways to Get Growth Capital for Your Business

Now, more than ever, businesses need to be aggressive about seeking and taking growth opportunities and maintaining a reservoir of funds specifically for growing your business is key to having a successful business. Here are some ways you can increase... Read More

The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Franchise

You do not wake up one day and decide you are starting a business. It begins with the idea of weighing the pros and cons and deciding why that business will benefit you. You may want to consider franchising for... Read More

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financing a Salon

It is the dream for many people to start and run a successful salon business. With a salon, one gets a chance to help customers undergo wonderful transformations while making money in the process. However, like other businesses, opening a... Read More

Avoid These 10 Common Startup Mistakes

Starting a business alone can be stressful and overwhelming. Startup owners have to manage the money, the engagement, advertising, product development and so much more. With so much going on it’s easy to spiral and forget about the mission at... Read More

How to Find an Apartment Loan

As an investor, you may be interested in purchasing an apartment building. But since this is a much bigger financial commitment than purchasing a house, you may need to obtain an apartment loan first. It is important to understand the... Read More

Buying A Fitness Franchise? Consider These Business Funding Options

A fitness franchise offers one of the best business options for aspiring small business owners, from the flexibility it provides to the support of investing in an already established business. However, even with these advantages, it can prove challenging to... Read More

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Offering Consumer Credit

In an ideal commercial environment, businesses would always get paid in cash. However, because the marketplace is so competitive, companies often need to offer terms of credit to attract and retain customers. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks... Read More

How to Develop a Viable Long-Term SEO Strategy

A great SEO strategy is a key to success for any business. But figuring out a long-term SEO strategy that will be effective can be difficult. There are six steps you can follow to make the process more manageable.  Use... Read More

Build Your Business Credit With These 5 Steps

If you are a business with less-than-stellar credit, that can pose a problem when it comes to getting loans and capital to help you invest in and grow your business. About 40% of businesses who apply for loans are denied... Read More

Stay Focused on Your Financial Goals With These 5 Tips

Got financial goals? It can be critical for small businesses and brands to stay focused on goals related to finances to thrive and prosper for another year. What plans and goals do you have for your company? Stay focused on... Read More